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Fort Worth ISD Vaccination Clinic

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You will receive those immunizations as medically indicated by your health consultant staff. Vaccine Information Statements are available online at

For those employees who have the following insurance, your
immunizations are covered at 100% under your plan.

• TRS-ActiveCare – Blue Cross Blue Shield
• Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO *see exceptions below
• Aetna PPO**
• United Health Care PPO

If you are using insurance for your immunizatins you MUST bring a photo copy of your insurance card and a photo copy of your drivers license to the clinic.

After you register you will receive a confirmation containing a link to a consent form. YOU ONLY NEED TO PRINT OUT ONE CONSENT FORM. All vaccines are on the same form this year except B12 which requires an additional form. Please bring these filled out along with your photo copies. This will ensure the shortest possible wait.

If you need a record of the vaccines you received from us last year, please send an email to You will need to include your name, your insurance ID number and the email address you would like your records sent to. Please do this at least one week before you are going to your clinic this year to ensure we have ample time to provide your records to you. Thank you!

*Blue Cross Blue Shield plans with an id prefix of BYP, CGL, FJC, TEA, UDT, UGD, UZF, WFQ, XZA, ZGZ, AMR group 028110 or MSR group 007013847, ZGP groups 000955, 090047, 000700, 075130, 000301 do not cover immunizations. **Aetna Assurant Health group SRC.

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