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Fort Worth ISD Vaccination Clinic

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You will receive those immunizations as medically indicated by your health consultant staff. Vaccine Information Statements are available online at

We are able to accept the following insurance:

• TRS-ActiveCare – Aetna – all plan levels covered at 100%
• TRS-ActiveCare – Baylor Scott and White – all plan levels covered at 100%
• Blue Cross Blue Shield*
• Aetna* - other than TRS ActiveCare
• United Health Care*
• Cigna*
• Humana*

We are unable to accept HMO plans with the exception of the TRS ActiveCare Baylor Scott and White HMO.

*Most plans cover immunizations at 100%. Please see the consent form for known exceptions.

If you are using insurance for your immunizations you MUST bring a photo copy of your insurance card and a photo copy of your driver’s license to the clinic.

After you register you will see a confirmation page containing a link to a consent form. YOU ONLY NEED TO PRINT OUT ONE CONSENT FORM. B12 requires an additional form. Please bring these filled out along with your photo copies. This will ensure the shortest possible wait.

Prevnar 13 is new approved pneumonia vaccine for adults and is recommended by the CDC for anyone 50 and older. If you have had a pneumonia vaccine in the past, a Prevnar 13 is still recommended if it has been at least six months since the last dose of pneumonia.

Must be 50 and older if using Aetna TRS ActiveCare or BCBS. Other select plans cover Shingles vaccine at age 60. We are unable to give the pneumonia shot and shingles shot at the same time.

If you received your first dose of Hepatitis B from us with your flu shot in October or November, you can now receive your second dose. The second dose is recommended thirty days or more after your first dose.

If you received vaccinations other than flu from us last year and do not have a copy of your records, please email us at In the email you will need to include the email address you want the records sent to, your name and your insurance ID number. Please do this at least a week before your scheduled flu clinic to ensure we have ample time send you your records.

Thank you!

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