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Dallas ISD Flu Clinics

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You will receive those immunizations as medically indicated by your health consultant staff. Vaccine Information Statements are available online at

********Be sure to sign up either online or with your campus organizer for your vaccines. Locations with low interest based on the sign up counts may be cancelled prior to the clinic date.********

We are able to accept the following PPO insurances:

• TRS-ActiveCare – Aetna -HD-1 and ActiveCare 2 plans ARE accepted
*TRS SELECT plans cannot be accepted
*Scott & White plans cannot be accepted
• Aetna**
• Blue Cross Blue Shield**
• Cigna**
• Humana
• United Health Care
• Medicare Part B (Flu shots only-provide cards for any supplement plans also)

We are unable to accept HMO plans.

*TRS SELECT plans must see a Baylor Scott & White physician for all services, including vaccinations for the plan to cover the services.

**We are unable to accept Aetna and Blue Cross Gold, Silver or Bronze plans and Cigna Local Plus plans.

Most plans cover immunizations at 100%. Please see the consent form for known exceptions.

If you are using insurance for your immunizations you must bring a photo copy of your insurance card and a photo copy of your driver’s license to the clinic.

If you do not have an accepted insurance the cost is $20 for the Quadrivalent flu shot, payable by cash or check.

After you register you will see a confirmation page containing a link to a consent form. You only need to print out one consent form for vaccines. B12 requires an additional form. Please bring these filled out along with your photo copies. This will ensure the shortest possible wait. (Registration times are requests only and you should still expect a short wait during the clinic.)

If you register for a time that ends up not being convenient for you there is no need to cancel or re-register. Please attend the clinic at a time that works best. If you would like to add or remove vaccines please discuss this with the nurse during the clinic. Your registration does not need to be changed.

If you received routine vaccinations from our company in the past, other than flu, and need a copy of your records, please email us at In the email you will need to include your name and birth date. Please do this at least a week before your scheduled clinic to ensure we have ample time send you your records.

Staying Healthy Medical Services is not currently able to offer Pneumonia vaccines to employees with Aetna insurance. This is due to a filing issue on our end. The vaccine is still covered at 100% on your plan. Please see your doctor or pharmacist if you wish to receive either of these vaccines. Employees with an accepted insurance through a different carrier are welcome to request one of these vaccines during the clinic.

The new Shingles vaccine (Shingrix) will be available for employees age 50-64. Please note that this vaccine is known to cause more frequent local reactions than other routine immunizations.

Depending on the carrier, insurance claims may be filed as Community Health and Immunization Services or Staying Healthy Medical Services.

Thank you!

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